Portfolio Landlord & Non Owner Occupier Affordability Calculator

Eligibility Requirements to use this Calculator – PLEASE READ:

Portfolio landlord applications: Purchase, Remortgage with additional borrowing.

All First-time buyer First-time landlord OR Non-owner-occupier applications (Small or Portfolio landlords).

Portfolio landlord definition: 4 or more Buy to Let or Consent to Let mortgaged properties as at completion of this application.

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Minimum Loan Size £25000. Minimum purchase price/valuation £50000.

Mortgaged Property Details

Maximum LTV – We will lend 75% of the lower of purchase price or valuation per property. For new builds – 65% of the lower of the purchase price or valuation per property.

Any property built, first occupied in its current state or significantly modernised, refurbished or altered within the last 2 years
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See "Acceptable Income Types" for examples of Other Income and definition of Guaranteed & Discretionary Bonuses

Total monthly unsecured loan commitments where term remaining exceeds 6 months (include any PCP payments see A-Z for additional details).

Total credit card balances remaining after mortgage completion.

E,g. Child Support, private school fees or other dependants’ costs (e.g. expenditure for the care of elderly relatives and/or children such as nursery and child minding fees.

See “Committed Expenditure” for examples of Other Committed Expenditure
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